Flyn in Fiji


Errr, thunk, thunk  777-300 to Nadi.

In the holidays I went to Fiji. When we got there it was 31 degrees at the airport. Once we got through customs we got a car and went to the Shangri-la lobby. We got our key card and headed to our room. After a few days I did this thing called flyboarding. It was a big deal that had wakeboard shoes on it. The flyboard had a big steel diverter that was connected to a thick rubber tube it was connected to a jet ski. When Freddy upped the throttle the two pipes would blast out water which would make me go up.

After a week we went to the Radisson Blu in Denarau. In Denarau there was a water park there were big straight drop ones. There were 5 names cloudbreak, snake, turning tubes and 2 others.

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  1. Great to see your blog post Flyn! You were awesome at fly boarding! BULA!!!!

  2. When we showed the class your clips of you flyboarding we were very impressed... I compared you to Iron Man on water!


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