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Cross Country Diary - #1 Combining Maths and Cross Country

Our map of New Zealand. How far can we go, with
our combined lap distance?
We're only a few weeks away from our annual Cross Country, and we've been thinking of ways to motivate the class to try their best. We've gone with a collective cross country mission, where the whole class' laps are totalled and converted into distance travelled up State Highway 1. We're impressed with how far we've travelled after three days of running.

Each lap works out to around 200m and each student is averaging between 6-12 laps. All these laps are totalled and we multiply them by .2 (or total number of laps x 0.2km). It's great to see we've managed to get very close to Dunedin in under three days of travel.

Before our next session we want to set a goal for our next stop. We've increased our distance each time we have run, so it's only fair that the next stop is further than our last run. If we're increasing our distance each time, it obviously means we're putting in more effort.

Check out our video of our training so far...

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