Farewell Venuk!

On Friday we said farewell to Venuk, one of our year 6 students and school councillor. He is moving to Queenstown with his family. Here is his farewell letter to Room 9:

I will truly miss you all. I loved the time when I shared my stories with you all. Giving you a fright as I read was very funny. So funny that my heart would pop out! I also loved the time I would draw something magical you would say it is amazing, but sometimes you would tell me when it's bad (which was ok). I say there is nothing bad in art. Anything you draw is one of a kind and unique with your personalities.
I am trying to get all of my friends' phone numbers so they could visit me and have a sleep-over. Hopefully one day I will be able to visit Windsor North again.
Well my friends, my time has truly come to an end (at Windsor North School). Farewell and good luck in your journey through life. One day we will meet again!
One of Venuk's favourite characters, Kylo Ren

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  1. It is sad to see you go but I hope you have a fantastic time in Queens town

    From Scarlett from Rm 9

  2. Farewell Venuk I hope you felt welcome at our school. I hope you are having some fun with your new friends in Queenstown. It was really good having your dark stories with pobble.

    Yours, sincerely


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