Task: Design a Logo (T2W6)

The school are considering replacing the current Windsor North logo. Perhaps you could contribute your ideas by creating a concept logo for the staff to see. Follow the task instructions below:

1. Reading Task - What Makes a Good Logo
Read this blog post from a graphic designer on what makes a good logo.

2. Design Your Logo
After reading the blog post, use the information to create a logo that suits the school based on our values: Excellence, Respect and Responsibility. Draw a few concepts in your writing book first, then use something like Google Drawings to create your final logo.

3. Write a Justification
A justification is similar to a persuasion. It lets the reader know why you have decided on something. In this case, your logo design. Think of reasons why you've used certain colours, choice of shape, font type etc. As always, follow the writing process! (Plan, first draft, proofread, etc.)

Have fun!

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