Mady's Holiday in Auckland

When we went to Auckland we went to Rainbows ends. Dad and I went on the rocking Pirate Ship. it was really fun! When you went up it felt like you were going past the Earth. Dad and I did it two times.

Next we went on the AA drivers. It was like you were learning how to drive a car. Caylee and i went on it millions of times.

There was a Kids Kingdom it had stuff for little kids there was a mini helicopter and when you peddled you would go up. It was okey but my sister ruined it for me because she doesn't like heights.

There was something called Dodgems. it was a some sort of car that you could bump into other people it was fun but you hurt your stomach.

Last, Dad and i went on the bumper boats. I got really wet but it was okay because we were going to Uncle Rob's. When we got to there we watched a movie called Tangled. It was okay, but it could be better.

On Thursday we went to Otarahonga we were the only ones there.  We watched another movie.

Saturday was the big party. We got family photos with all of the kids and adults. We got to sit at a private table.

The end

by Mady

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