Learning About the Water Cycle

The water cycle is a simple scientific concept, but at the same time it's always being studied by some of the brainiest people around the world.

We thought it would be important to learn about the water cycle for our inquiry this term so we could make connections for our big question What's in the Waihopai and our inquiry projects.
A mini version of the water cycle trapped inside a bag!
We were impressed to see our water cycles were working
almost straight away!
Photo: Rookie Parenting

A handy website called Rookie Parenting: Science had a great link to a simple, but very effective experiment that shows us how to make a mini water cycle in a zip-lock sandwich bag.

We also watched a video about the water cycle to learn about the different stages:
- Precipitation
- Collection
- Evaporation
- Condensation

Once we watched the video and followed the instructions on the Rookie Parenting website we then made our own mini water cycles. We were impressed to see that condensation had instantly start to form!

We will monitor our own water cycles until the end of the term. Some things we are going to look for will be:
  • What stages of the water cycle can I see at different times of the day?
  • What is the volume of water in liquid form at the bottom of my zip-lock bag?
  • Does my water cycle look similar or different to another classmates? Why?

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