Scarlett's Holiday Recount

Boss Baby by Dreamworks
Before you read this I didn't go out of Invercargill in the holidays. 

On Saturday I went to the movies to see the new release movie Baby Boss with my Mum and my sister Alaska. We went to go see it because my other sister Meadow saw it with her friends.

Before we got there I tripped up and grazed my elbow and it bled, but i recovered when we got inside the movies.

When we got our delicious food we had to wait for the movie to start. When it finally started we were already half way through our popcorn.

It reminded me of when I saw the movie Storks. I'm sure it's from the same creator. So overall I loved the movie it was hilarious. It's my second favourite movie ever.

I would definitely recommend you see this movie at the movies or when it comes out on DVD.  

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