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Albert Town Holiday Camp
Albert town is an amazing holiday campsite where you can splash in the river or bath in the sun. 

It is very close to Wanaka, so you can buy your food, it is only really a 10 minute drive to to Wanaka and there is lots to do in Wanaka e.g. Puzzle World and much more. It is better than staying in Wanaka, because Wanaka is very busy. Especially in the holidays, but at least in Albert town Wanaka is right there. 

It has a 3.2 star rating but I think it deserves a 4.7 it has a rubbish skip on site a great spot right beside the Clutha and Hawea rivers and all the riding tracks including the very popular Deans Bank Track! The campsite is both sides of State Highway 6 and has toilets and a non alcohol ban over the New Year period.

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