Mady's Holiday Recount

First day of the holidays Mum, Dad, Caylee and I went to Cromwell. When we got there we went to the spa. On Saturday Ajia, Renee, Dawan, Dad, Caylee and I went on the boat. I got to drive it. We were on our way to old Cromwell, we went to the market and then we went back to Cromwell and did a kids vs adults sports day. It was a tie. 

On the Sunday we did an Easter hunt, where we had to smash eggs to get the clues. That following Monday we went home. The next day we went to go see Tara and Maia. They came down from Christchurch and we went to the pool. On Thursday we went to town to get some gloves for my aunty in the afternoon. Caylee, Aunty Leanne and I went to the movies to see Beauty and the beast.

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