Science of Stupid: T2W1

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REMEMBER: We never attempt to do the stuff we see in National Geographic's Science of Stupid. It is here to help us understand all those physical world concepts, while having a laugh at the same time!

This week - Running Through Walls is Fun?
Link to video

Before watching the clip we used our prior knowledge about similar concepts to tune in. Words like resistance, force, velocity and friction were thrown around. It was great to see a lot of these concepts were mentioned in this week's clip.


The hook video shown to us was a construction worker who calls himself the human wrecking ball. It was obvious what his plans were for the area they were working in. Sure enough he ran through a thin piece of wall, but what is the science behind it?

Depending on the mass of a person, and the velocity they are travelling will decide whether or not they are successful at breaking through a wall.

The formula for this concept is mass x velocity = momentum. You can relate it to many everyday things such as travelling vehicles (cars, trains, planes).

It is a concept used to measure crashes and stopping distances.

If a person half as heavy wants to try the same 'silly' stunt, they would need to travel twice the velocity in order to be as effective as the bigger person.

... and if the person running at a wall concentrates their force at a certain area (for example, leaning their shoulder forward) the hole that they create will be smaller.

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