Recount: Mr Murray's Example

Even though I didn’t leave Invercargill over the school holidays I enjoyed spending time with my family and doing lots of activities. It was a shame it had to come to an end, but life must go on!

After seeing the Zirka Circus preview show at school on the last week of term one I was quickly sold on the idea of taking Willow along (especially since Mr Smith gave me a voucher for one free child). Boy... were we entertained! There were high-flying acrobatics, contortionists, clowns and a very lame (but deliberately lame, yet hilarious) magic show. I was surprised that the toys and food sold there were a good price. I remember as a child asking for food at the circus, only to have my parents refuse, because everything was so expensive.

The Lego show was also on over the holidays, and since Willow is a big fan of the building blocks we had to go along. Walking into the huge room at the Ascot Park Hotel my childhood instantly came back to me. I saw some creations I haven’t seen since I was a 10 year old. In fact there were some adults holding Lego exhibits I used to go to school with. Before leaving we stopped at the Toy World stand to buy some Lego City on discount. I was able to persuade my 3 year old in getting a Jeep and Caravan combo.

Even though the holidays usually means time off work, it certainly didn’t when it comes to Sharks. There were two games over the break, one against the Giants, the other against the Rangers. Lucky for us we won both games, which puts us in a comfortable second on the ladder. Even though they were convincing wins, it’s still an exciting time standing courtside while entertaining the fans.

Overall, I really enjoyed my holiday break without leaving Invercargill. Having said that, I wouldn't mind heading away to one of our usual holiday spots once this term is up.

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